Cancellation & Refunds

Refunds will be given out within 24 hours of the purchase after that, refunds will not be given. Due to sanitary reasons, nails cannot be mailed back for a refund. All sales are final. If nails have major manufacturing defects, pictures of the product will need to be provided to help find a resolution to the problem. Small nail imperfections made by human error are not eligible for a refund. All nails are handmade, minor errors may occur.  

What comes with my order?

Each order comes with a baggie that includes sticky tabs, a wooden cuticle pusher, a mini nail file, and one alcohol wipe. Glue is not included and must be purchased for $2. 

How long will my nails take?

All nails are 100% Handmade by a single person. Processing time is 2 to 3 weeks. From the time you purchase them (1 week) then 1-2 weeks to actually start making the nails. So please do not buy the nails right before you need them, plan in advance.

*PS. if there aren't a lot of orders to be processed, nails will likely come earlier than expected*  

How do I size my nails? 

First Option 

  • The first option: Get measuring tape to measure the nail beds from sidewall to sidewall with a ruler in millimeters
    • Compare your nail size measurements to the actual size of a false nail. Further instructions are posted on the website under the “measurements” tab. 

Second Option 

  • Purchase a sizing kit for $3 each. The sizing kit will have 10 to 11 nails numbered from 0 to 11.
    • Try on all the nails and record the number of the false nails that fit best on your nails.

Please make sure the nails are the correct size when placing an order. Nails cannot be refunded or returned. Pardon The Press is not responsible for any incorrect sizing errors please double check before placing an order.

Can I recycle the nails?

 The nails are definitely reusable, you can wear them as much you would like!

How long will it take you to contact me back?

There is only one person responsible for the production of the nails. Please allow 24- 48 hours for a response. Please be patient and considerate. 


After your order is processed, which is 1-3 weeks, it will be shipped. 

SHIPPING TIMES (for regular shipping):

-U.S: 3-5 business days

-CANADA: 5-14 business days

-Worldwide 6-20 business days 

 Please note, that you may experience delays due to current circumstances (COVID) however, you will be provided a tracking number to help track your parcel.

Please contact  

  • info@pardonthepresss.com 
  • Sales@pardonthepresss.com

Lost or stolen 

For lost or stolen orders, call the shipping carrier and get specific details regarding your delivery. Be sure to check around your home and around the mailbox. Inquire with your neighbors.  Pardon The Press is not responsible for any lost or stolen items, please contact your carrier. Most times items get lost in transit. With a proper investigation/claim your carrier may be able to find your package.  

Can my parcel be redirected to a different address?

Once your order ships, we are unable to make any changes to the shipping address. You should be able to update the address on the USPS, UPS, or FedEx website.